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Full Service, Safe, and Professional Crane and rigging service in Maine

Welcome to Mayo Crane Services, a trusted crane service company dedicated to helping contractors, homeowners, marine industry, property owners, and more with a wide variety of projects in Southern Maine.
We have a small fleet of well-maintained cranes featuring the latest technology that can do all of the heavy lifting for you. Our services go beyond just providing crane services to our clients. From helping you create a plan of action for your project, choosing the right type of crane for the job, to operating it on site and everything else in between, we strive to make things as easy for you as possible.
While Mayo Crane Services is still a smaller company with 2 cranes, we are able to provide extremely competitive pricing and be available for jobs that many companies might not be able to do. Many times individuals find themselves in a predicament where they need crane services and fast, yet no one is available to do it. At Mayo Crane Services, you can count on us to make your job fit and happen ASAP.

We offer crane and boom trucks for hire for:


  • All types of fishing gear and equipment
  • Junk removal 
  • Scaffolding to the tops of roofs
  • Construction sites
  • Transportation – Delivery
  • Dock removal
  • Commercial projects
  • Residential use
  • Marine industry
  • HVAC units
  • …and more!

Have a unique crane or trucking need? Please contact us to determine the best approach for your job!

Committed to Quality and Safety

Easily avoidable accidents and petty mistakes on the operator’s behalf can set you back. But not at Mayo Crane Services.

Our crane operators and truck drivers are certified by the National Center for Construction Education & Research for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCER) Along with OSHA Safety Certifications. They have completed all the mandatory training and have years of experience in the field.

Simply put, when you choose us for your crane service needs, rest assured that your desired work will be completed safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Crane Services– What to Expect?

Crane services make construction work and heavy lifting so much simpler. We offer hassle-free handling, speed up the process, and save you from different costs involved in moving resources, renting equipment, and storing bulky cranes!

Need to erect a tilt wall? Want to install overhead electric wires? Looking for ways to hoist or take down the mast on a large vessel? Need help in maintaining the tall structures on a power plant? Trying to move a heavy piece of furniture to a different floor or house? Wish to remove the large log of the tree you just cut down in your backyard? The list goes on.

Mayo Crane Services can help you with it all!

Benefits of Hiring a Crane Service

A Cost-Effective Solution

You don’t have to search the market to know how expensive it can be to purchase a crane. Assuming you have the money to splurge on the affair, there are several reasons why it won’t be a smart move. Their hefty price tag aside, owning a crane can burn a hole in your pocket really fast. To begin with, they have high maintenance costs. Plus, you might have to pay insurance and spend extra money on training your workers on how to use it. When you hire a crane operator, you can avoid all of the additional expenditure of adding a crane to your fleet of equipment.

Why Choose Mayo Crane Services for Your Crane Rental Needs?

We are fast, reliable, and know the ins and outs of all crane-required chores like the back of our hand.

We Offer 100% Customer Satisfaction – Our workers are trained and qualified in their line of work. We deliver top notch service and stand behind it.

We Provide Unmatched Service – At Mayo Crane Services, we aren’t just concerned with getting the job done. We ensure that it gets done in the best possible manner.

Our Cranes

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